Employee Spotlight

Since our employees are the heart and soul of DR SMILE, we would like to shine the spotlight on some of our Smilers to showcase to the world our exceptional colleagues that make DR SMILE as successful as it is.

Get to know a few of our lovely Smilers and learn about their role on our team.

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Be a Leader

“At DR SMILE, leader ≠ manager. Everyone can have direct reports on paper. This makes one a manager, not a leader.

We trust in leaders, not managers. At DR SMILE, everyone is a leader! We don't operate within the limits of our job descriptions - we act above and beyond. We aspire to inspire others and help our peers fulfill their potential and grow.”

Christopher von Wedemeyer (CEO, DR SMILE)

Tom Szameitat

Junior CRM Manager

Fail Fast,
Fall Forward

"At DR SMILE we are not intimidated by failure. We embrace it and take it as a chance to develop, learn, and try again. We break larger problems into smaller ones and run many little experiments, knowing that some will work and grow and others will fail and die. Room for failure means room for personal learning and growth."

Christopher von Wedemeyer (CEO, DR SMILE)

Stéphane Chevalier-Lemire

Operations Team Lead

To the Moon

"At DR SMILE, we think outside of the box and foster creative solutions. For us, the moon is the limit! To fly to and beyond the moon, we need the best team members on board our spaceship — our space crew. A team with high talent density, in which all members are extraordinary at what they do, are effective collaborators, and are in pursuit of the same common goals.It is in such an environment that everyone learns the most, moves the fastest, and has the most fun."

Christopher von Wedemeyer (CEO, DR SMILE)

Claudia Scarcella

Area Manager

Inform your Intuition

"At DR SMILE we share and make available information openly, broadly, and deliberately. We promote a free flow of information across the company.We are informed executors and back up our intuition with actionable data. The more we learn and grow, the more reliable our intuition becomes.The better our data quality and literacy is, the better we can validate our intuition."

Christopher von Wedemeyer (CEO, DR SMILE)

Ewa Makowska

Area Manager Poland