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I love working at DR SMILE because my team and I have the chance to develop and get better every day. What sets us apart from all other companies is that we all work hand in hand, no matter which team has a challenge ahead - together we move forward. True to the motto "We will be the very best!"
DR SMILE trusts its employees, whether they are working students or directors, the moon is the limit! I am always encouraged to show my work, to have my own space and opportunity to follow my intuition!
Human Resources
At DR SMILE making mistakes is part of learning and progressing. However, it is important to recognize the mistakes quickly, to draw positive conclusions from them in order to take another step towards the goal.
I translate our values for me personally that I  find myself in an environment where I can develop professionally and be a part of a great Team in which we challenge us to become better day by day.

Our Values

To the Moon

We are bold and ambitious. By never settling for and always questioning the status quo, we improve processes and innovate. We think outside of the box and foster creative solutions. DR SMILE restlessly strives to be the unchallenged #1. It’s not a solo sprint but a team marathon, and we have the clear goal to not only win the race but to set a new record. For us, the moon is the limit, or is it?

Inform your Intuition

We are informed executors and back up our intuition with actionable data. The more we learn and grow, the more reliable our intuition becomes. The better our data quality and literacy is, the better we can validate our intuition. Soon enough we can judge whether an idea is worth taking forward, whether a concept would prove itself in reality, what to prioritize, or whether a project is worth the time and money investment.

Fail fast, fall Forward

We are not intimidated by failure. We embrace it and take it as a chance to develop, learn, and try again. We break larger problems into smaller ones and run many little experiments (MVPs), knowing that some will work and grow and others will fail and die. Room for failure means room for personal learning and growth.

Be a leader - Aspire to Inspire

At DR SMILE, leader ≠ manager. Everyone can have direct reports on paper. This makes one a manager, not a leader. We trust in leaders, not managers.
At DR SMILE, everyone is a leader! We don't operate within the limits of our job descriptions—we act above and beyond. We aspire to inspire others and help our peers fulfill their potential and grow. We are all leaders.

Meet our c-level team

We strive to create a work environment, where we all like to come to, empower each other and become the best versions of ourselves. Personally and professionally.
CEO - Founder
DR SMILE is not the right place for you, if you want to chill and die of boredom: you are going to work hard, get a lot of responsibility fast, and thus grow personally. Trust me, it is going to be rewarding for you. Are you up for the ride?
Christopher von Wedemeyer
CEO - Founder
Working at DR SMILE always feels like the 89th minute in the cup final, when all individuals make an effort to jointly win the game
My personal #1 goal is that every team member loves to come to work - at least the majority of days. Therefore at DR SMILE we combine our motivational mission with great leadership programs following our value "aspire to inspire".
Operating in a market that has never been disrupted presents a cornucopia of opportunities. Being able to manage most of those requires ownership from day one. A value we cherish and advocate throughout our organization.
Our strength is that we don’t take „No" as an answer when it comes to our goals - rather asking the right questions, leaving the trail and thinking out of the box to accomplish our mission and learn from our mistakes.
We firmly believe that long term success can only be achieved when focus is placed on customer centricity. The complexity of selling a medical product within a regulated environment adds to this mission, challenging us every day - that excites us.
Kununu Top Company 2022